Driving down Route 9 in Southern New Jersey, You pass a small but lovely little lake but the beauty of the area ends there. The neighborhood of Lakewood, NJ seems to have fared better days. Directly after passing over the railroad tracks, There's a building that's defiantly seen better days, Peterson's Sunset Cabins. Self Proclaimed world famous by the sign that till this day sits by the road, unnoticed.


We parked behind the building, and began looking around. The building is apparently condemned by the fire department - for structural damage, and possible life hazards. As well as interior damage in the basement - which we didn't get to check out.


Once inside, the place is mainly cleared out unless you include the 100 or so pigeons that have made their home here and the actual piles of bird crap in the room that was once the kitchen.

The main dining room area is a dark empty room, but you can tell at one time it was a nice place to eat. It has a defunct, bricked up fireplace.

Back through the kitchen, there's a lovely stench coming from inside the fridges... Enough to keep us out. Curiosity didn't overcome my gag reflex.


The link below shows some interesting... "historic items". Including a matchbook from when Peterson's was open.
I found it kinda interesting - so check it out.